Do you know you can buy a domain name without even having a website? Yes, you have read it right. This process is known as domain parking!

Domain parking is a great way to protect a valuable domain name and keep it for future use. Besides, it can also help businesses acquire multiple related domains to use as secondary domain names. 

But what is the best way to park a domain? Do you need to park it via a domain registrar or a provider of domain hosting NZ?

Let’s find out the answers in the blog!

What is the Purpose of Parked Domains?

Before we dive into the ways of parking New Zealand domains, it is important to understand the purpose of this process. 

To start with the basic definition, parked domains are the domains that are registered but are not linked to any live website. Most people park the domain names they like for future use. This helps them to protect a highly valuable domain name from being used by others. 

Another reason behind domain parking is to prevent related domain names from competitors. At the time of domain registration, some businesses register multiple similar or relevant domain names. These are later used as secondary domain names that direct users to the primary page of the website. 

Finally, domain parking also helps in making money online. Some creative minds register unique and attractive domain names at an affordable domain registration fee and later sell them at a higher profit. 

Two Ways to Park a Website Domain

The two ways in which you can park any domain are as follows:

  • Via Domain Registrar

This is a very simple and straightforward method of parking a domain. It is just like registering a normal domain name for your website. Once you have finalized your website domain name, you can visit the website of any trusted domain registrar to register or buy it by paying a small amount of fee. 

  • Via Domain Hosting Provider

 If you already have an account with a hosting provider or in case you are certain about your future business website, this method is perfect for you. There are many hosting services that allow you to do so without owning a website. So, you are good to go!

Is it Legal to Park Web Domains?

When it comes to domain parking, it is normal to have doubts as to whether or not it is a legal practice. If you are also worrying about the same, fret not!

Yes, it is completely safe and legal to park domains and sell them at higher profits if you want.


Parking a domain name is a smart way to prevent your favourite domain name from being used by your competitors. It also has many other uses, as we have just discussed in the above section. We have also discussed the two best ways in which you can park any domain name of your choice in an easy and convenient way. 

Hope it helps!