Characteristics of Loose Oval Diamonds with GIA Certification

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Diamonds are one of the most used gemstones when it comes to creating engagement rings and jewelries for women. As the saying goes, diamonds are girl’s best friend. With its price and appearance women love it, and they expect one on their engagement. Engagement ring’s center stone comes in many shapes and of this is the oval-shaped diamond. Getting center stone is one of the challenges that men encounter when choosing a ring for their partner. Did you know that you can opt for a loose oval diamond  for your center stone and have it customized to be able to create the ring you desire? Getting loose oval diamonds with GIA will be a wise move since you will be certain that they are authentic. 

Why Choose Loose Oval Diamonds

It has Larger Appearance 

The bigger the diamond size the better, however bigger diamonds are usually more expensive. So why not choose an oval cut diamond to make your center stone appear larger. With this choice you can have a bigger diamond without spending too much. The shape can also make the wearer’s finger  appear  longer , jewelries are meant to accessorize the person wearing it and make them more attractive. BY wearing an oval diamond on your finger, it can enhance the beauty of your hands. 

Oval VS Round Diamond

The main advantage of oval diamonds compared with round diamonds would be the price, Oval diamonds are more affordable since they are 10% to 30% lesser than the cost  of the round diamonds. 

Can Fit Perfectly with Settings you Desire 

Oval shaped diamond are best with the following settings:

  • Halo Settings

To aid oval shape diamonds to shine more, accessorizing it with smaller diamonds in a halo setting will make it appear more brilliant. Oval diamonds have a downside of having a bow tie effect due to its cut, but with halo setting this issue can be addressed and beautify the ring more. 

  • Solitaire Settings

In solitaire, setting an oval diamond as a center stone can make it standout. With a plain shank, it can emphasize the beauty of the oval center stone. 1-carat oval diamond ring or 3 CT oval diamond

yellow gold can be a good choice for a solitaire setting. Solitaire setting may be a plain design but for oval cut diamonds it can make it more stunning and beautiful. 

  • Pave Settings 

By doing pave settings with an oval diamond, it can also help in making it more sparkle by having small diamonds all over the shank. By having more stone to make it sparkle more it’s adding more brilliance to the center stone. This can also be a great cover up for the bow tie effect of the oval diamond. 

It’s Flaws can be Turned to its Uniqueness

Oval’s bow tie effect is one of the issues that discourages people to avail of this shape, bow tie effect is the appearance of dark color across its table. To have a better oval cut  diamond pick a skilled cutter to cut your loose oval diamonds, the better cut the lesser bow tie effect. There is a tendency to produce a bow tie that is not that dominant when cut properly. 

Diamond Colour and Clarity for Oval Diamond

For its clarity SI1 or SI2 is recommended since these grades have lesser visible inclusions to the naked eye. Clarity is important for oval cut diamonds because it can add up in lessening the bow tie effect. When it comes to color H or more colorless is better, maybe this will depend on the customer’s budget as long as the diamond is as colorless as possible it will still be a good choice. 

For Diamonds passing the quality of diamond under the Gemological Institute of America is important since this can prove that the diamonds indeed passed the standard of diamonds properties. Therefore, loose oval diamonds with GIA certification  will be a good choice for purchasing oval diamonds for your rings. Having a GIA certificate can measure the quality and property of a diamond. They are expensive and certificates can secure your purchases as well as the authenticity of the diamond you are buying. Choose your loose oval diamond and beautify it .  

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