We all appreciate that one of the most expensive overheads in your business walks on two legs, arrives every day at 9 am, and leaves at 5 pm. I am of course talking about your labour costs.So, when a product comes along that suggests it can save your labour costs […]

Standard search engine optimization (SEO) tips usually revolve around keyword research, maintaining a fast page load speed, and building backlinks– all of which affect your search rankings. But something that isn’t usually provided as a ranking factor is focusing on social signals. Social signals are the shares, likes, and general […]

If you received a PPP loan for your business during the pandemic, you may still be able to get forgiveness for the loan. We’ll discuss the requirements and steps for applying. As we enter 2022 and the third year of the “new normal” with COVID-19, many small businesses are still […]

ERP for Businesses What is ERP? An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software that automates business processes and workflows, improves control, and provides insights from a centralised database that seamlessly integrates finance, inventory, supply chain, production, warehousing, sales, marketing, and human resources management. Team members can use the […]

With the unprecedented growth explosion of e-commerce, retailing and the expansion of the internet marketplace, an overwhelming number of opportunities for starting an online business have emerged. Yet, the question remains: should you take up a job or start an online business? A working job requires less responsibility than owning […]