August 23, 2022·7 min read To achieve your video marketing goals, you’ll need different types of videos in your marketing strategy. We’ve rounded up the most important ones, from explainers and promos to case studies and demos. There are SO many different types of video you can make for your […]

Benefits Of a Project Management Software   Running a business is not an easy task, and running a business that is successful is even tougher. Successful businesses have a number of characteristics, including organizational abilities. A well-organized company is efficient, and efficiency gives you a lot more time for crucial […]

If you feel lonely as a digital marketer, you are not alone. According to an ongoing survey conducted by CareerExplorer, marketing managers rate their career happiness at 3.1 out of 5 stars, which puts them at the bottom 40% of careers. Why would a job that involves the most entertaining […]

We all appreciate that one of the most expensive overheads in your business walks on two legs, arrives every day at 9 am, and leaves at 5 pm. I am of course talking about your labour costs.So, when a product comes along that suggests it can save your labour costs […]

We are honoured to announce that Sklar Wilton & Associates has been selected as the 2022 recipient of the Canadian Workplace Wellbeing Award within the Public/Private Sector Small Business category.   The Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards (CWWA), presented by the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA), aim to feature and celebrate Canadian […]

Set Goals, (+) Attitude, Checklist, Time, Setbacks, Deadline, Tools, ASAP, Strengths, Prioritize, SWOT, Prioritize, Focus, Best Time, Distractions, Rewards, League of Colleagues, Mgt, Re-Charge. Why? Whether working full time in an office or freelance at home or on your business, professionals deal with deadlines regularly. Deadlines are a necessary tool […]